About Our Company

Our journey started as a service provider in Industrial Electronics field which includes repair of Motion Control Products, CNC machines and controllers, Automation products, process control systems and Welding & Plasma machines. Alongside our automation division offers Industrial systems design & integration, retrofits, CNC & PLC Automation and other value-added services.
            Since the inception in 2011, our Industrial Equipment trading division represents many major Industrial equipment manufactures around the globe. This division mainly dealing with Welding Robotics, welding machines,CNC plasma cutting machines, Laser cutting machines, Welding & Plasma Torches, consumables & accessories, welding and ....

Our Products

Automation and Motion Control Products

ELECTREX ( Portugal) Welding Machines

NEWARC (UK) Welding Machines

Welding and Plasma Cutting Torches

Welding and Cutting Automation Products

Welding and Cutting Safety Gear

Our Services

Electronics Repairs

Industrial Automation

Machine Repair

CNC Automation

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